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Reinventing Pop Culture

An accomplished musician, style icon, award- winning actress, political activist and philanthropist – Lady Gaga is all of these and much more. With her unique style and charisma, Gaga keeps millions of fans and the fashion community enthralled by her theatrical approach to her art. An Academy Award winner, as well as the holder of nine Grammys, two Golden Globes an MTV Movie Award and thirteen MTV Video Music Awards. Lady Gaga has achieved a level of fame and respect few entertainers ever have. 

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#BlackBay32, 36 and 41 S&G, all-rounder watches in steel and yellow gold with a new five-link bracelet.  

Lady Gaga is not just about entertainment and show business. She shakes things up. With undivided commitment she is a vocal activist. Her message takes many shapes and forms, among which music is the main but not the sole medium. Lady Gaga stands out in the way she dresses, but also with her charity agenda and non-profit work. Being in the public eye, supporting political and social causes against the political tide, demonstrating and championing charities requires facing her fears. Raising awareness, money and helping Haiti in 2010, Japan in 2011, she is a champion of the fight against fur, an advocate for the rights of the LGBT community. Yet she’s not poker faced about her religious beliefs.